Trudie Teijink

Trudie Teijink

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Lincoln , NE

Visual artist Trudie Teijink was born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She earned her BFA at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool vorr de Kunsten. Spent a semester at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Ghent (Belgium) and continued her education as an independent student at the College of Fine Arts in Utrecht. After living and working in Greece and Germany for several years, she moved to Lincoln in 2001. Trudie received her MFA at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln in 2010. She investigates the fragility of human life while touching upon feelings of fortitude, loss, and desire. For her projects she uses digital imagery on paper and fabrics, drawing, and a wide variety of traditional printmaking techniques. She explores the possibilities of three-dimensionality derived from 2D imagery.

Artist Statement

Being a visual artist, I see fascinating images all around me and I often perceive a beauty in these images. Examples are; spit out chewing gum spread out over the sidewalk, children’s toys lying in the bathtub after the water has been drained, birds flying in the sky forming organic shapes over and over again.  We all have experienced the overwhelming greatness of staring at the sky at night.

It is through the combination of such found treasures that my works take form.  At the same time I let my own associations contribute.  For example in the “Dishtowelserie” I visualize my thoughts about motherhood and housekeeping and combine these with images that show an element of order or chaos in them, created under the influence of entropy.  In doing so I create artwork that emphasizes contrasts of both content

and visual appearance. 

The subjects of my artwork determine which techniques I will use.  By combining different techniques, like monotype, intaglio and dry-pint, a unique work is created.  My approach toward the creative process of my art is comparable to that of drawing. 

Fiber / Textiles
Mixed Media
Print / Paper

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