Katie Cramer

Katie Cramer

Programs & Admin Coordinator
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Lincoln , NE

Katie Cramer developed a love for clay at a young age when she took summer camps in her hometown, Omaha, NE. Her interest in ceramics continued all the way through high school and into college. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is currently a ceramic artist as well as the Programs and Administrative Coordinator for the LUX Center for the Arts. She enjoys teaching ceramics, reading, cooking, and YouTube. 

Artist Statement

I make utilitarian pottery out of earthenware clay that is decorated with layers of slip, terra sigillata, underglaze, stain, and glaze to create abstract imagery of floral life and textile motifs. For that reason, these vessels are referential to the history of domesticated women’s work, which were often seen as peripheral to art. My work aligns itself with these traditions to create a narrative that celebrates the historical and contemporary work of women.

The rich color of the clay speaks of its source, as well as its connection to the ground from which plants blossom and where textile fibers are derived. The forms of the pieces are referential to the shapes of buds, leaves, and petals. Each piece uses some combination of wheel throwing, slab building and coil pinching to construct, creating distinct textures in effort to add another layer of visual interest.


Exhibitions Featuring this Artist

Katie Cramer
Nathan Murray
Mary Beth Pinckney
9/6/19 to 9/27/19

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