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Agness Seebass

Agness Seebass

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Austin , TX

Agnes’ jewelry celebrates and honors three cultures all the while maintaining a cohesive, clean, sophisticated style and design. She is officially certified as a goldsmith in Germany. From Germany, she moved to Mexico so she could study silversmithing techniques and design. Currently, Agnes resides in Austin, Texas. She frequently spends time in Mexico City, where she collaborates with local artisans.

Agnes has had an extraordinary career as a jeweler, silversmith, and product designer. Jewelry, fashion and lifestyle books and periodicals have featured her jewelry. Her award-winning work is carried by high-end boutiques as well as art and craft galleries in the United States. The list of exhibitions and shows that have featured Agnes Seebass designs is numerous. Her jewelry is sought after by experienced collectors as well as beginning novices.

Metal / Jewelry

Exhibitions Featuring this Artist

Sarah Jentsch
Allie Feezell
Agness Seebass
Annie Sinton
11/5/21 to 12/31/21
Multiple Mediums

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