Amanda Durig

Amanda Durig

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Lincoln , NE

I lived in Hubbard, Ohio my entire life until I decided that I wanted to go to graduate school. I spent a lot of time outside in my garden as well as Mill Creek and McConnells Mill parks. I have always been a curious wanderer and these spaces allowed for my mind to take a break from the demands of daily life. When I moved to Nebraska, I craved these places, for I hadn’t realized how important they were to my creativity and mental wellbeing. With this shift in perspective and new commute to campus (by bike, or walking) I started to see my environment in a different way. With this new clarity, my curiosity shifted focus to the narratives that are built into the landscape by other people. My thesis (and continued) work is rooted in the intersections between man-made structures interacting with nature and how the mind perceives the memory of what is seen.

Mixed Media
Print / Paper

Exhibitions Featuring this Artist

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6/1/20 to 7/11/20
Multiple Mediums

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