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Anika Major

Anika Major

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Seattle , WA

Anika Major is a Texas-born artist living and working in Seattle, WA. She is currently a studio assistant to Deborah Schwartzkopf and has taught classes in the greater Seattle area. She received her BFA in 2018 from the University of North Texas in Ceramics and Painting. Her functional handbuilt forms and painterly surface designs are figurative in focus and emphasize soft, intimate, and domestic subject matter. She is currently investigating larger serving forms and diversifying her glaze color palette.

Artist Statement

Using clay as a canvas, I mold the soft and playful aspects of my femininity into comforting objects designed for everyday use. My functional forms are handbuilt using slab and coiling construction methods, each piece being unique and reminiscent of the body in that no two are alike. Ideas of human tenderness and sexuality, interpersonal relationships, and domesticity are embedded into the surface of my forms through their figurative and narrative focus. The softness of the form and plump shape of the pot is designed to bring the user a sense of comfort. 

I build up thin, painterly layers of underglaze to imitate oil painting, and scratch through them with sgrafitto tools. I use linear elements of loops and scribbly lines that are playful and kinetic to emphasize my love of texture in the human body, particularly hair in its different forms. I enjoy seeing people in their comforts, bodies in their everyday existence, and to share them through my own eyes. To know someone is a gift, and to share a meal with them is a special form of intimacy that I enjoy facilitating through my work. I’m grateful that my pottery is part of the larger narrative that is a person’s life, that they can share a meal over my plates or pick the mug with the character they relate the most with. The central figures on my pots are heroes of their own story, and with a personality that takes the shape of the vessel.


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