Bartholomew Lynch

Bartholomew Lynch

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Lincoln , NE

Bart Lynch currently resides in Lincoln, NE. He has an M.F.A. degree from University of Georgia (2008) and a B.F.A degree from Arizona State University (1996). He and Crisha Yantis married on August 7, 2010 in Olympia, WA. He works in the artistic disciplines of painting, drawing, printmaking, papermaking, photography, and sculpture. His goal is to combine the continued development of his artwork with teaching art to others. His artistic work explores human existence in time and space. Specific issues relate to universal ideas through representational and abstract approaches to form. Currently he teaches classes at the LUX Center for the Arts and is an Adjunct Art Instructor at Doane College in Crete. View additional images online at


Artist Statement

I generally create 'flatwork' - paintings, drawings and prints, but I create objects, as well. My work explores contemporary human issues through a spectrum of abstraction and realism. Time and place inform my non-linear narrative elements. The design of structures, tools, and nature inspires my work and humor is a constant. Though the context of the work remains in the present, it is grounded through studies of the past. Composition often begins the process, and it directs the action. From a buildup of line, value, shape and color, figure/ground relationships develop, creating a dialogue with internal notions and concerns. Ideas develop from a union of the mind and action of the body. My discoveries come from questioning, and like a scientist testing hypotheses, I revise ideas – change vantage points, move a figure forward in space, or adjust the value composition for example. Through this construction and deconstruction cycle, patterns emerge and ideas are vetted. By constantly minding my visual language, works coalesce. Written words and phrases often appear in the picture plane and serve to mark poetic moments and reinforce the perceptual flatness. I move freely from this flatness to the illusion of depth responding to communication modalities to achieve a gestalt. I choose to work on multiple pieces concurrently. Ideas become clearer when they are played out across multiple themes and conversely, a cohesive body of work develops. I find great value in working directly from life. Still life studies, plein air paintings and figure drawing are routine practices that keep my skill current and inform my studio work.

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