Jon Love

Jon Love

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Lincoln , NE

b. 1989 in Norfolk, Nebraska

BFA - University of Nebraska-Lincoln - 2012

MFA - Herron School of Art + Design, Indianapolis, IN - Projected 2015

Artist Statement

To think is to voyage.

Objects are monuments to ideas.

A full iPod weighs more than an empty one.

headline: thirty-one things only luddite cyborgs will understand

devotion to the “click,” the sacred onomatopoeia

Reality is fragmented, presents itself in fits and starts.



“Augmented reality” is the merging of material reality with digital information. This means that our world is composed of a virtual component (e.g. the Internet) and a physical component (obvious). These are not the “same thing,” but any sense of reality is rendered incomprehensible without one or the other. My work is an exploration of the human consequences of living on and offline simultaneously. 

Mixed Media
Print / Paper

Exhibitions Featuring this Artist

Larry Buller
Jon Love
1/3/20 to 1/31/20
Multiple Mediums

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