Heather Jo Davis

Heather Jo Davis

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New Bedford , MA

For my thesis body of work, I developed several video and mixed media installations that advocate an appreciation of what lies beyond ourselves; an occasional shift of attention from the world and our place in it to the planet and its wonders.

My work carries the intent of emphasizing value on the wild and the uncultivated in order to inspire reverence for wildness, and to preserve the absence of human control in areas of the natural world. I revere transcendental experiences and the places in which they occur, and wish to bring attention to how little value is assigned to them both.

Recording light through video, then releasing it again is like, for me, reliving the captured memory of an experience. Although the light passes through the machinery of the projector, this method is the most direct way to present my experiences of natural phenomena into the exhibit space.

Ceramic objects exist in the installation to receive the video image. They capture and hold the light; they situate the phenomena in relationship to the body that is unexpected, creating the same tension and perplexity that I feel when I look into a reflection of the sky in water, finding myself gazing both up and down at the same time. 

Artist Statement

Presently, I am living in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where I earned an MFA in Ceramics from UMass Dartmouth in 2017. I grew up in rural Georgia near the coast, and the love of that land drives my work. I teach from my studio in the South End, sell functional work, and continue to exhibit immersive installations that celebrate the wild earth.


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