Susan McIntosh Kriz

Susan McIntosh Kriz

Executive Director
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Susan McIntosh Kriz brings over twenty years of successful executive management experience to the LUX Center for the Arts. As Business Development Director for Leadership Resources, Susan worked with individuals and organizations to engage high-payback solutions to meet complex development needs.

Susan served as director of the Lincoln Partners for Public Art Development, a start-up organization that includes a public/private committee that advises the City of Lincoln regarding public art. Her work included setting the structure for the committee operation and launching an endowment campaign to provide private support for public art long into the future.

Susan’s experience also includes 19 years of service as Senior Vice President of the Arbor Day Foundation, managing growth from 13 people to a staff of over 350. She oversaw all financial, operational, and logistical functions, including accounting services, human resources and talent acquisition, technology and computer development, corporate and direct marketing initiatives, public relations campaigns, membership services, fundraising and development programs, and capital improvements.

Susan is a graduate of the University of Nebraska, earning both a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master in Business Administration.


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