Patrick Kingshill

Patrick Kingshill



I consider my making practice to be an open diary of the way I interpret my surroundings and the experience of being alive.    I work to create a catalogue of my unique perspective on the world in a way that is visually and contemplatively stimulating.  Intrigue and curiosity are my driving forces, and my work seeks to illustrate an imaginative interpretation of the things that I observe, and decidedly need to interrogate further.   

Various elements in architecture, furniture, landscape, vessels, and vehicles are among the many things that resonate in my memory and that I adopt as subjects for my art.  For my whole life I have nurtured my fascination of the built environment as an observant wanderer. As I work in my studio I react to the things that hold my interest by rendering abstracted versions of them.  The sources of my intrigue are vast and varied and I make an effort to harness that sense of diversity when creating.  I will often set rules, or boundaries for a piece, giving myself the ability to act intuitively and freely while maintaining a sense of cohesion in the final composition.  Visual cues, like working monochromatically or by making elements similar in size creates unity while forms may be vastly different from each other.  The end result is visually balanced while retaining an array of information.  

​My work presents an ongoing inquisition of the environment that I exist in and my efforts to curate that environment to one that is comforting and pleasing and one that carries on a sense of intrigue.  I strive to collect my tangle of thoughts and align them into visual resolve.  


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