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#LUXatHome Art Project Tutorials


#LUXatHome Art Project Tutorials

#LUXatHome Art Project Tutorials

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Creativity is important at times like these – we want to share ways for you to find inspiration, relief and joy. Join us online over the next several weeks, as we roll out some ways that art can help you get by – including fun and easy at-home art projects! Once you finish a project, capture your work + tag us using #LUXatHome.

#LUXatHome – Notan

#LUXatHome – Painting Rocks

#LUXatHome – Stained Glass Window Stickers

#LUXatHome – Fireworks

#LUXatHome – Color Theory
Color Theory Worksheet

#LUXatHome – Homemade Stamps

#LUXatHome – Watercolor Painting

#LUXatHome - Day Drawings

#LUXatHome - Recycled Cardboard Face Mask


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