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The LUX Print Collection

The LUX Print Collection

In September 1997, Ms. Lux transferred ownership of her personal collection of nearly 500 master prints to The LUX Center for the Arts. The prints, purchased to use in her classes, had come primarily from two organizations. The majority were acquired from the Associated American Artists, in New York City. Started in 1934, the AAA was founded on the principle that original fine artwork should not be restricted to a select few. Private collecting in the United States had been limited mostly to paintings, while original prints were sought by only museums and scholars. So to broaden the reach of the art world, artists such as Thomas Hart Benton, Grant Wood, and John Steuart Curry agreed to offer their prints to collectors throughout the country for as little as five dollars each. The prints were issued in editions of 250 and individually signed by the artist.

The second organization from which Ms. Lux purchased prints was the American Collegiate Society of Print Collectors. Formed in 1930, this group sold prints exclusively to college art departments. The society was forced to suspend activities during the Depression due to the financial condition of many universities.

Curated exhibitions of Ms. Lux’s prints may be seen throughout the year on the second floor of The LUX Center for the Arts in the Gladys Lux Historical Gallery. Susan Soriente is the part-time curator of the LUX Print Collection, and her position is supported in part by the Nebraska State Historical Society Foundation. Susan maintains the prints and produces four exhibitions in the LUX Print Gallery each year. She also works with Lincoln Public Schools teachers to create curriculum based on the LUX print collection, that LPS art teachers use in their classrooms.

Teacher Tools

Lincoln Public Schools art specialists have created a series of lesson and unit ideas based upon the LUX print collection. The unit plans are written using the National Standards of Art and you can adjust the lessons for all ages of students. We’re excited for you to use these lesson opportunities with the LUX print exhibitions in your classroom.

European Perspectives

European Perspectives
European Perspectives
Personnage Agenouille by Stanley William Hayter,1950 Etching
Fumette by James Abbott McNeill Whistler,1858 Etching
Portrait of Baudelaire by Edouard Manet,1862 Etching
Le Berger et la Bergère Charles François by Daubigny,1874 Etching
Reclining Nude by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1906 Etching
Les Saltimbanques by Pablo Picasso,1958 Lithograph
Femme Nu De Dos by Berthe Morisot,1889 Etching
Bohemians de Paris by Honoré Daumier,1842 Lithograph
Mother Feeding Child by Käthe Kollwitz, 1928 Etching
Landscape Near Auvers by Paul Cézanne, 1873 Etching
Abstract by Albert Gleizes, 1946 Etching
Girl with Mandolin by Marie Laurencin, Undated Etching
Le Pont des Arts by Paul Signac, 1927 Etching
Que Sacrificio by Francisco y Lucientes Goya,1798 Etching
Illustration for Charles d’Orleans by Henri Matisse, 1950 Lithograph
Cain and Abel by Odilon Redon,1886 Etching
Les Hirondelles de Mer by Henri deToulouse-Lautrec,1895 Lithograph
Coquette by Alexander Archipenko, 1955 Lithograph


Contact by June Hildebrand, 1965
Rocket by J. Page, 1951
The Hunter Coming Home by Dale Nichols, 1942
Big Cottonwood by Dwight Kirsch, 1940
New Year by Dwight Hirsch, 1948
Ceremonial by Rupert Kilgore, Undated
Guanajuato by Francis Anderson, Undated
Still Life with Melon by Mary Doyle, c.1953
The Art Class by Guy Pene Du Bois, 1943
Autumn Color by Marguerite Zorach, c.1940
Shocking by Gladys Lux, 1943
Nebraska Snow by Gladys Lux, Undated
Madonna and Child by Gladys Lux, Undated
Dolls Andy, Sandy, and Sue by Gladys Lux, Undated
Untitled by Gladys Lux, Undated
Untitled by Gladys Lux, Undated
Untitled by Gladys Lux, Undated
Untitled by Gladys Lux, Undated

Nostalgic Reverie

Nostalgic Reverie
Nostalgic Reverie
Scribe Meditating by Joseph Margulies, 1941 Etching Aquatint
New England Granny by Joseph Margulies, 1939 Etching
Spring Rain by Gwen Creighton Lux, 1947 Lithograph
Honorary Degree by Grant Wood, 1938 Lithograph
Rural Delivery by Paul Sample, 1948 Lithograph
Birthday Party by Lily Harmon, 1945 Lithograph
Little Girl with a Doll by James Chapin, 1946 Lithograph
Holiday by Joseph Hirsch, 1950 Lithograph
The Chase by Lawrence Beall Smith, 1970 Lithograph
Leaves by Lawrence Beall Smith, 1970 Lithograph
The Dove by Doris Emrick Lee, 1951 Lithograph
Artist at Work by Alice Conley Murphy, 1946 Etching
Chore Boy by John de Martelly, 1942 Lithograph
The Duet by Lucille Corcos, 1949 Lithograph
The Antique Shop by Peggy Bacon, 1944 Lithograph
By the Lake by Robert Philipp, 1943 Lithograph
Quiet Moment by Mervin Jules, 1972 Woodcut
Looking into the Hand-mirror III by Mary Cassatt, c. 1905 Drypoint Etching

Wooed by Wood

Wooed by Wood
Wooed by Wood
The Last Turn of the Years by Frank C. Eckmair; 1972 Woodcut
The Fawn by Albert Benson; Undated Woodcut
Illustration #5 for Les Géorgiques by Aristide Maillol; 1937-43 Wood Engraving
Illustration #2 for Les Géorgiques by Aristide Maillol, 1937-43 Wood Engraving
Reiterweg (Riding Path) by Wassily Kandinsky, 1911 Woodcut
Eagle by Robert Huck; 1958 Woodcut
Untitled Color Woodblock by Toyokuni Utagawa, Undated
Untitled Color Woodblock by Eizan Kikukawa, 1804-18
Untitled Color Woodblock by Kitao Shigemasa, Undated
The Bow Moon by Hiroshige Andō, 1832 Woodcut
A Bridge in the Rainy Season by Koho Shoda, 1912-26 Woodblock
An Evening in a Hot Spring by Hiroshi Yoshida; 1939 Woodblock
Christ and Disciple #1 by Georges Rouault; 1939 Wood Engraving
Virgin Mary in the Sun by Albrecht Dürer, 1494 Woodcut
Annunciation by Lucas Cranach; 1548 Wood Engraving
Sheet Music by Unknown Artist, 1576 Woodcut
Mephistopheles mit der Alten (The Demon with the Old) by Ernst Barlach; 1922 Woodcut
Man Leaning on a Spade by Jean-François & Pierre Millet; 1874 Woodcut
Workers of the World Unite by Rockwell Kent, 1937 Wood Engraving
See Saw, Gloucester, Massachusetts by Winslow Homer; 1874 Wood Engraving

Where in the World

Where in the World
Where in the World
Haitian Musicians by Marion Greenwood, 1953 Lithograph
Hong Kong Girl by Marion Greenwood, 1948 Lithograph
Arab Children by Fletcher Martin, 1946 Lithograph
On A Vermont Highway by Luigi Lucioni, 1963 Etching
Rumba by Miguel Covarrubias, 1946 Lithograph
Tehuantepec River by Miguel Covarrubias, 1951 Lithograph
Idyl: Settimello by Andrew Rush, Etching
Rockefeller Center by Nat Lowell, Etching
Street in Noumea by Aaron Bohrod, Lithograph
Venetian Canal by Frank Brangwyn, Etching
View from Charles IV Bridge of Prague by John C. Vondrous, 1938 Etching
Waterloo Bridge (Bermondsey, London) by John W. J. Winkler, 1927-8 Etching
Le Bac de Bezons by Charles F. Daubigny, 1850 Etching
A View of Assisi by Ernest D. Roth, 1941 Etching
The Scuir of Eigg by Sir David Young Cameron, Drypoint 1931 Etching
Crossing the Sakawa River by the City of Odawara by Hiroshige Andō, Woodcut
Nebraska Hall, UNL by Ben A. Benson, Aquatint Engraving
Untitled Ca. 1950 Woodcut by Jean Chièze

Shades, Shapes, and Story-Lines

Shades, Shapes, and Story-Lines
Shades, Shapes, and Story-Lines
Voodoo Ritual by Marion Greenwood, 1951 Lithograph
Hauling in the Nets by Gordon Grant, 1937 Lithograph
Rip Van Winkle by William Gropper	, 1945 Lithograph
Valley of Wrath by Reynold Weidenaar, 1951 Aquatint Etching
Festival by Sol Wilson, 1965 Lithograph
Israel in Egypt’s Land by Ralph Scharf, 1947 Etching
Cheetah by Michael Biddle, 1967 Etching
Clowns and the News by Joseph Hirsch, 1945 Lithograph
Revolutionary Head by Thomas Cornell, 1970  Aquatint
Man on Stilts by James Kearns, 1968 Etching
El Volador by Jean Charlot, 1949 Lithograph
The Distaff Side by Jean Charlot, Lithograph 1951
The Garden Ode by Jack Bilander, 1965 Etching
Silent Watchers by Armin Hansen, 1939 Drypoint Etching
Waiting by Harold Altman, 1959 Etching
Wings of a Dove by Chaim Koppelman, 1959 Aquatint Etching
Contra el Bien General by Francisco Goya, Reprint of 1808-14 Original

Love of the Land

Love of the Land
Love of the Land
Missouri Wheat Farmers by Joe Jones, 1938 Lithograph
Pioneers Resting by Eugene Higgins, 1937 Etching
RFD #2 by Samuel Margolies, 1949 Aquatint Etching
Weathered Barns by Luigi Lucioni, 1948 AAA Etching
Summer Shadows by Luigi Lucioni, 1946 Etching
Tomorrow’s Bread by Peppino Mangravite, 1946 Lithograph
The Last Load by Alice Standish Buell, 1939 Etching
I Raise Turkeys and Chickens by Georges Schreiber, 1953 Etching
Little Farm by Thomas W. Nason, 1955 Wood Engraving
January by Grant Wood, 1938 Lithograph
Powder Snow by Philip Kappel, 1953 Etching
While the Sun Shines by John deMartelly, 1943 Lithograph
Winter in Southampton by Asa Cheffetz, 1949 Wood Engraving
Island Hay by Thomas Hart Benton, 1938 Lithograph
Partners by Dale Nichols, 1950 Lithograph
Old Man Walking by the Barns by Martin Lewis, c.1935 Aquatint Etching
Shocking by Gladys Lux, 1943 Serigraph

Compositional Clarity

Compositional Clarity
Compositional Clarity
Harbor Sails by Joe Jones, Lithograph 1955
Desert Glare by Alexandre Hogue, Lithograph 1945
The Nets by Seong Moy, Woodcut 1963
Equilibrium by Georges Schreiber, Lithograph 1950
Rapallo by Moishe Smith, Etching 1965
La Nina Con Canasta by Fanny Rabel, Lithograph 1971
Mystic by Thom O'Connor, Lithograph 1965
Philosopher's Happy Sun Shower by Morton Garchik, Brown Ink Woodcut 1972
The Lobby by Art Hansen, Mezzotint 1972
Sleeping Women by Doel Reed, Etching Aquatint 1947
Mid-Winter by Asa Cheffetz, Wood Engraving 1949
Pastoral by Arnold Blanch, Lithograph 1954
Forest Flight by Lawrence Smith, Lithograph 1949
Rainy Day by Thomas Hart Benton, Lithograph 1938
Shadows by Kerr Eby, Etching 1936
God Appears to Soloman by Marc Chagall, Etching 1931
Mother Feeding Child by Kathe Kollwitz, Etching 1931
Tower of Pisa by Carman Bonanno, Etching 1949

American Graphic

American Graphic
American Graphic
Finn McCool by William Gropper, Lithograph 1949
Survivor by Joseph Hirsch, Lithograph 1954
Slumbering Harbor by Samuel L. Margolies, Etching 1950
Evening Song by Fletcher Marin, Lithograph 1946
Birthday Party by Lily Harmon, Lithograph 1945
The Cellist by Grant Reynard, Drypoint Etching 1945
Rock Fisherman by Gordon Grant, Lithograph 1953
Summer Day by Adolf Dehn, Lithograph 1954
The Vanishing Giant by Harry Sternberg, Etching 1953
Home Run by Stanley Kaplan, Etching 1972
Helicopter by Doris Lee, Lithograph 1948
Boxing by Diana Thorn, Etching 1938
Evening Music by Doel Reed, Etching 1946
Fishermen Three by John Costigan, Etching 1938
Across the Valley by Alfred Hutty, Etching 1930
#35 Mirror of Illusion by Arthur Davies, Etching 1916
The Art Class by Guy Pene Du Bois, Silk Screen 1943
Enough! By Harry Sternberg, Etching 1947
Drought Stricken Willow by Dwight Kirsch, Etching 1936

Wild and Tame

Wild and Tame
Wild and Tame
Summer Evening by Aaron Gunn Pyle, Lithograph
Frightened Horses by Umberto Romano,1948 Lithograph
Child at Piano by Margery Ryerson Lithograph Undated
Little Ballerinas by Margery Ryerson, 1949 Lithograph
Man and Beast by Joseph Hirsch, 1948 Lithograph
Winter Feeding by Irwin D. Hoffman, 1939 Etching
Mare and Colt by Georges Schreiber, 1952 Lithograph
High, Wide and Handsome by Fletcher Martin, 1950 Lithograph
Eagle by Leonard Baskin, 1973 Wood Engraving
Leda and the Swan by Marie Laurencin, 1950 Etching
Mallards Away by Joseph Day Knap,1949 Etching
Black Pasture by Danielle Dillemann, 1965 Etching
Jack and Jinny by Douglas Hall, 1930 Woodblock
Tired Geese by Frank Weston Benson, 1935 Etching
Seaweed Harvest, Jersey by Edmund Blampied, 1936 Etching
Shepherd and Shepherdess by Charles Francois Daubigny,1921 Etching
Illustration for “Le Georgiques”#2 by Aristide Maillol, 1937-43 Wood Engraving
Goats in Landscape by Stefano della Bella, 1642 Etching

Celebrating 40 Years: "Best of the Best"

Celebrating 40 Years: "Best of the Best"
Celebrating 40 Years: "Best of the Best"
July Fifteenth by Grant Wood, Lithograph 1938
Flood by Thomas Hart Benton, Lithograph 1937
Prize Stallions by John Steuart Curry, Lithograph 1938
Bathers by Alexander Archipenko, Lithograph 1954
Mary Cassatt at the Louvre by Edgar Degas, Etching 1879-80
Billingsgate by James McNeil Whistler, Etching 1859
Chapeau Epingle by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Etching 1921
Boy Blowing Bubbles by Edouard Manet, Etching 1868-69
At God's Command by Marc Chagall, Etching 1931
Notre Dame by Henri Matisse, Etching
The Resurrection by Albrecht Durer, Engraving 1509-10
The Crucifixion by Rembrandt Van Rijn, Etching 1634
Portrait of a Young Girl by Paul Cezanne, Etching 1873
Mucho hay que Chupar by Francisco Goya, Etching 1799
Columbe Volant a l'Arc-en-Ciel by Pablo Picasso, Lithograph 1952
Cavalcade by Wassily Kandinsky, Woodcut
Les Hirondelles de Mer by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Lithograph 1895
The Manicure by Mary Cassatt, Etching 1908

We're Only Human

We're Only Human
We're Only Human
Carib Mother by Marion Greenwood, AAA Lithograph 1954
Hong Kong Girl by Marion Greenwood, AAA Lithograph 1948
The Hardy Breed by Gordon Grant, AAA Lithograph 1947
Cape Cod Personage by Ronald Kowalke, AAA Etching 1972
Scribe Meditating by Joseph Margulies, Aquatint Etching 1939
Self Portrait by Raphael Soyer, AAA Lithograph 1954
Instruction by Thomas Hart Benton, AAA Lithograph 1942
Four Artists by William Joseph Patterson, AAA Etching 1972
The Dove by Doris Lee, AAA Lithograph 1951
Michael John by George Biddle, AAA Lithograph 1938
Fumette by James McNeil Whistler, Etching 1858
Drouet the Sculpteur by James McNeil Whistler, Etching 1859
Untitled Woodcut by Katsushika Hokusai, undated
Self Portrait by Kathe Kollwitz, Etching 1912
Infante Marguerite by Edouard Manet, Etching 1862
Jeune fille au repos by Berthe Morisot, Drypoint Etching 1887
Lucien Guitry by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Lithograph 1898
Self Portrait by Gladys M. Lux, Pencil Drawing 1918

A Floating World

A Floating World
A Floating World
Kikukawa Eizan
Kunichika Toyohara
Utagawa Toyokuni
Utagawa Toyokuni
Utagawa Toyokuni
Utagawa Toyokuni
Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Utagawa Kunisada
Utagawa Kunisada
Utagawa Sadatora
Isoda Koryusai
Unknown Artist
Ando Hiroshige
Ando Hiroshige
Ando Hiroshige
Ando Hiroshige
Kitao Shigemasa
Kitao Shigemasa

Impressions of Youth

Impressions of Youth

Portraits Redux


Architectural Elevations

Architectural Elevations
Architectural Elevations
Richard A. Florsheim "Airport" color lithograph
John William Josef Winkler "Bermondsey Bridge" etching
Lili Rethi "City Skyline" lithograph
Ernest Fiene "Colonial Church" lithograph
N.H. Noder "Guadalupe Church" lino or woodblock print
Louis C. Rosenberg "Hotel de ville Dreux" drypoint etching
Kenneth Willmarth "Nebraska State Capitol" lithograph
Victor Valery "Notre Dame de Reims Cathedral, France" color etching
Aaron Bohrod "Noumea" lithograph
Corel "Opera" lithograph
Arbit Nicolai Blatas "Pont des Artes Paris" lithograph
Nat Lowell "Rockefeller Center" etching
V.R. Planchet "Rue St Rustique" etching
Carman Bonanno "Tower of Pisa" etching
Ben Albert Benson "University Hall" aquatint/engraving
John C. Vondrous "View from Charles IV Bridge of Prague" etching
Dale William Nichols "Winter Scene" color serigraph

Limning Lithos

Limning Lithos
Limning Lithos
Airport by Richard Florsheim
Bass Viol by Joseph Hirsch
Conference at the Bench by Joseph Hirsch
Double Play by Fletcher Martin
Fisherman's Cove, Maine by Ernest Fiene
God's Tree by Nathaniel Pousette-Dart
Kiss by Joseph Hirsch
Les beaux Jour de la Vie by Honore Daumier
Mother and Child by Marion Greenwood
Railroad Waiting Room by Raphael Soyer
Sand Fence by Gordon Grant
Shadow of the Dock by Gordon Grant
The Antique Shop by Peggy Bacon
The Forge by James Abbott Whistler
The Ghost Dance by Margery Ryerson
The Great Bridge by Lili Rethi
Trio by Mervin Jules
Wharf at Well Fleet by Stow Wengenroth
Recent Museum Exhibitions
Gladys M. Lux
9/9/21 to 1/4/22
Print / Paper
Gladys M. Lux
5/6/21 to 9/7/21
Print / Paper
Gladys M. Lux
1/7/21 to 5/4/21
Print / Paper
Gladys M. Lux
9/10/20 to 1/5/21
Print / Paper
Gladys M. Lux
5/11/20 to 9/7/20
Print / Paper
Gladys M. Lux
1/9/20 to 5/5/20
Print / Paper
Gladys M. Lux
9/12/19 to 1/7/20
Print / Paper
5/9/19 to 9/10/19
Print / Paper
Gladys M. Lux
1/3/19 to 5/7/19
Print / Paper
Gladys M. Lux
9/6/18 to 1/2/19
Print / Paper
Gladys M. Lux
5/4/18 to 9/4/18
Print / Paper
Gladys M. Lux
1/2/18 to 5/2/18
Gladys M. Lux
9/7/17 to 1/3/18
Print / Paper
Gladys M. Lux
5/1/17 to 9/6/17
Print / Paper
Gladys M. Lux
1/5/17 to 5/2/17
Print / Paper
Gladys M. Lux
9/8/16 to 1/3/17
Print / Paper

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