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Ceramics Studio Information

Ceramics Studio Information

Come join our lively clay community! A variety of options are available for kids and adults at the LUX Ceramics Center to engage with clay, art, and community. Whether you have never touched clay or have a degree in art the Ceramics Center is here to meet the needs of ceramic artists and clay enthusiasts at every level. 

Ceramics Center Manager - Contact Neil with any questions regarding the Ceramics Center or purchasing clay (available by email at neil@luxcenter.org or by appointment M/W/F)

Ways to Get Involved at the Ceramics Center

Ceramic Art Classes

LUX offers a wide variety of classes to suit any level of experience. We offer beginner through advanced wheel throwing and handbuilding classes regularly and have several specialty classes on offer from glaze formulation to slip casting and mold making. 

Click here to view the upcoming class schedule in the Ceramics Center

Studio Membership     $120 per month

The Studio Membership is designed for those who want to work in the studio a few times a week and have enough experience to work independently as it does not include any instruction or mentoring.

  • Studio Members Receive:

    • Access to community studios during Open Studio hours.

    • Access to LUX studio earthenware clay and applicable glazes and kiln firings.

    • A 48" x 18" storage shelf in the community studio to store their work and tools.

    • Access to participate in community cone 10 gas reduction firings. Cone 10 clay can be purchased through the LUX, glazes are provided.

    • Members receive a 10% discount on clay, classes, and in the LUX Shop!

    • Setting up a $120 recurring monthly payment is required.

Note: LUX Ceramics Center does not accommodate production work or work made for commercial purposes. LUX may ask prospective members to take one class to qualify for membership. This is an opportunity to get to know the community and see if the Studio Membership is right for you!

For more information please contact the Ceramics Center Manager (neil@luxcenter.org).

LUX Fellowship - Currently at Capacity (submit your application to be added to the waitlist)

This work exchange program is designed for those with enough experience to work independently, intend to be in the studio several times a week, and want to learn more about the ceramic process while being part of a lively clay community. 

  • LUX Fellowship benefits include:
    • Access to the community studio facilities and equipment. 

    • Access to Studio Earthenware clay and applicable glazes and firings.

    • Access to participate in gas kiln firings. 

    • Fellows get an assigned shelf in the community studio to store their work and tools.

    • Fellows receive a discount on clay, classes, and in the LUX shop!

    • Prospective fellows should be self-motivated and community oriented. 

    • We ask that applicant have prior experience with ceramics and be able to lift 50lbs.

      • ​​​​​Note: three references, background check, and proof of vaccination are required for this level.

Click here for more information or to apply for this program.

For more information, please contact the Ceramics Center Manager (neil@luxcenter.org).

LUX Artist-in-Residence

This is a year-long professional development program for artists who have a Master of Fine Arts degree, or equivalent experience, and intend to make ceramics their career.

Click here for full details and to apply for this program.

Kilns and Firings

Electric Kilns

We offer Low and Mid-Range firing to those who have a studio at home and need access to a kiln to get their ceramic work fired. Kiln firings are included for Fellows, AIRs, and Studio Members. Please see the table of prices below to determine cost.​ 

Kiln Firing Request Form

Kilns are Loaded and Fired by LUX Staff Only

Low Fire (^04 - ^3) Mid-Range Fire (^5 / 6)
  Low Fire Firing Schedule is at the discretion of LUX Staff
Large Kiln $80 $100
Medium Kiln $60 $80
Small Kiln $40 $60
Test Kiln $15 $20

Gas Fire Reduction

Gas Daddy - Soft Brick Cone 10 Reduction Kiln

Our reduction gas fired kiln, aka Gas Daddy, was designed and built by Ceramics Center Manager Neil Celani with the generous help of many friends and donors. We offer gas kiln and cone 10 glaze access to LUX students, Fellows, and Studio Members only. If you would like more information email Neil, the Ceramics Center Manager for details. 

Open Studio Hours (Select students and Studio Members only)

Monday - Friday 10 am to 10 pm

Saturday 2 pm to 10 pm

Closed on Sunday

Studio space is available first come first served for Open Studio hours and classes have priority. 

Doors remain locked during Open Studio hours. 

Clay for Purchase

LUX offers a limited selection of Low, Mid, and High fire clay available for purchase directly from the studio. Email the Ceramics Center Manager or stop by the Gallery Shop.


Brackers Good Earth Clay in Lawrence, KS delivers to LUX every few months. Artists in or near Lincoln, NE can ship your materials order with ours. We pay the larger delivery fee, and you pay only $0.035 per per pound. Place your order with Brackers over the phone or via email and choose ‘ship with’ the next LUX Center order. Email mail@brackers.com


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