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New Mural Alert!

New Mural Alert!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Over the last two weeks, the LUX hosted a collaborative mural workshop with youth from Lincoln and the Lancaster County Youth Services Center. The workshop, sponsored by the Nebraska Arts Council, was lead by Omaha artist Kim Darling and aimed to explore personal iconography, creative collaboration, and the importance of public art.

The first mural, titled “Don’t Drink the Koolaid”, is comprised of wood cut and painted pieces featuring each student’s individual voice. Their work includes an amazing array of conversing goblin creatures, giant eyeballs, the supreme "Pizza Pharaoh" and much more. Today we unveiled Part I of the mural’s installation and learned the story behind each student’s piece. In the coming week, we will be adding more woodcut objects made from youth at YSC, completing the narrative.

The second mural on our Ceramics Center features the students' collective voice and is comprised of pottery and colorful organic forms.

A big THANK YOU to Kim Darling, Artist-in-Residence McKenzie Phelps, the Nebraska Arts Council and all of the amazing students who made this project possible. We are so excited to permanently display this work from such a talented group of creative minds. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by to see the mural in person and stay tuned for a final reveal!


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