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Program Price Adjustments 2022

Program Price Adjustments 2022

Thursday, May 26, 2022

The LUX Center for the Arts strives to present first-rate arts education opportunities to adults, children, and families. To that end, we have an Artists-In-Residence program, bringing in four teaching artists each year, mostly with Master’s Degrees, from around the country to teach the majority of our classes. We supplement these artists/teachers by hiring the best available local instructors to teach our classes, all of whom have art degrees. In 2021, we began paying all these teachers a living wage. This is one way we support working artists. In the 2022/23 year, we will have up to 20 artists teaching classes and camps.

Meanwhile, in the past year, the LUX has experienced an increase in supply costs, doubling the amount we spend on class supplies. During the past seven years, the LUX has kept our class prices steady, with no increases in price. Beginning with our August classes, we will raise our class and workshop prices by ten percent. This will enable us to offer the same level of quality instruction and materials that our students currently experience. Likewise, after surveying arts class prices/membership prices at similar institutions as the LUX, our Membership discounts will decrease to 10 percent off all classes. We want to remind you that we have a scholarship program for children and youth. Please avail yourself of this scholarship if your child or youth needs it. Soon, we will roll out our scholarship program for adults.

We thank you all for your steadfast support of the LUX. Thank you for understanding our need to maintain the quality of classes you’ve come to appreciate. 

Joe Shaw
Executive Director


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