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Maddie Hinrichs

Maddie Hinrichs

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Lincoln , NE

Maddie Hinrichs is an artist in residence at the Lux Center for the Arts in Lincoln, Nebraska. She received her MFA in 2022 from the University at Albany and was the recipient of the MFA Thesis Award. She received her BFA from the University of Lincoln- Nebraska in 2019. She works with oil painting and embroidery mediums that describe her memories of familiar interiors. The spaces she works with begin in reality and devolve into dreamscapes that reject logic and favor surrealism. 

Artist Statement

The driving force of my interiors is memory which fades over time and melds with dreams to create new spaces. I drift through once-familiar rooms as an outsider, appearing occasionally through reflections and silhouettes in self-portraits or larger panoramas. These new realms are realistic but disorienting and unsettling, jumping in time through architecture and historical references. The scale of my work varies to show both small, intimate moments and large all-encompassing realms. Embroidery sits above the oil paint and creates a texture that is at once dimensional and flat. It leaps from wall to table to painting within one piece, finding a balance that endures in all my work: that of surrealism and realism, textile and paint, dreams and memory, old and new.

Fiber / Textiles

Exhibitions Featuring this Artist

Maddie Hinrichs
5/5/23 to 7/1/23
Multiple Mediums

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