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Dandee Pattee

Dandee Pattee

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Floyd , VA

Dandee Pattee was born in Wyoming. She grew up in Lander, which rests at the foothills of the Windriver Mountain Range. She received her ceramics undergraduate education starting in Wyoming at Casper Community College, going on to finish at Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah, where she received a Bachelor of Arts. She spent one year as a special student at the University of Nebraska. Ms. Pattee was a summer assistant at Peters Valley Craft Center, in Layton New Jersey, and a summer resident in Ely, Iowa with Clary Illian. Pattee has been an artist in residence for the past year at Lux Center for the Arts and is departing for a residency in Floyd, Virginia, with noted ceramist Silvie Granatelli in August 2007.

Artist Statement

My work possesses a strong sense of straight forward form. These forms are intended to enclose volume, therefore gracefully swelling and curving. It is influenced by many historical ceramic movements such as the Punchong wares of the Choson Dynasty of Korea, and Oribe traditions of Japan. It is also derived from contemporary American potters, specifically those potters who studied with or were strongly influenced by Bernard Leach and the Japanese Mengei movement. Pitchers, bowls, cups and other pots are intended to provide the user with comfort and confidence in their utility.


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