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Matt Bukrey

Matt Bukrey

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Lincoln , NE

2009 Apprentice, Mill Creek Pottery with Simon Levin, Gresham, WI                                                                          2008 Apprentice, Saint John's Pottery with Richard Bresnahan, Collegeville, MN                                                    2003 Bachelor of Arts, Augustana College Sioux Falls, SD


Artist Statement

As a potter, one of my hopes is that my work will expose people to fine handmade objects. I am a believer in pots that feel right in the hand and are a joy to use. I delight in sharing communal activities such as eating and drinking with people. It is in these experiences where it is rewarding to have my pots being used. I primarily fire my work with wood. The wood kiln enhances the surface of my work with a myriad of effects. I make forms to complement these effects. Recently, I have been pairing my wood fired surfaces with wooden lids. It has been enjoyable to see the softer complements that wood as a material brings to my work. 


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