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Aaron Becker

Aaron Becker

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Chicago , IL
Artist Statement

When looking at my ceramic artworks I offer you a glimpse into my mental Space. Pairing wheel thrown domestic pots with sculptural elements about idealized interiors, I try to distort scale and and pull the viewer into the reality of an “imagined space”.

Primarily a potter, I often daydream about the domesticated pot, our current material culture and how we select objects to fill our spaces.

Thinking of our mental space like a web, my current ceramic work is to serve as a visual metaphor of my Mental space . I use the vessel to bring the viewer into my thought process around internal energy holding physical form and I place them next to sculptures of an imagined interior. (physical or metaphysical)

My hope is to build analogies between people, spaces and the objects we fill them with.

My current portfolio consists primarily of cups,vases and pouring pots that question the ideas of containment and challenges the concept of form for utility versus form for aesthetic design. The pots are created around the ideas of these vessels functioning in a domestic space and how relationships with these objects are changing. I am interested in the interpersonal relationships that people form with the objects around them in today's material culture. As
humans we tend to project our own experiences onto the objects we see and get to know, so I like to think I make pots for all people.

. . .

I chase ideas, I chase the parts of the process I enjoy the most. A potter in the studio can look like many things. For myself, I am like a dancer on the dance floor never satisfied with my current partner. Like a doe c doe at the hoedown, there are moving clay pieces everywhere. The pots I make are about ceramics and its rich history as much as they are about painting. I try to break all the rules and do everything your not supposed to while letting the spirit of functional pottery live on.


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