Agnes Seebass

Agnes Seebass

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Austin , TX

Agnes’ jewelry celebrates and honors three cultures all the while maintaining a cohesive, clean, sophisticated style and design. She is officially certified as a goldsmith in Germany. From Germany, she moved to Mexico so she could study silversmithing techniques and design. Currently, Agnes resides in Austin, Texas. She frequently spends time in Mexico City, where she collaborates with local artisans.

Artist Statement

While some people visualize words when they think, others images or colors, I often translate an idea into shapes and lines. This is not a conscious process, it just happens.

Transforming these shapes that I have in my head into little objects it is the most natural and joyful thing for me to do.

I have been creating jewelry for more than 2 decades and I am rooted in 3 countries, but when I at my workbench I forget everything around me and I get into a space that feels completely timeless. That is a place I call always home, wherever I am.

Metal / Jewelry

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