Ali Osborn

Ali Osborn

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Brooklyn , NY

Ali's artwork is held in the collections of the University Museum of Contemporary Art at UMASS Amherst and the Davison Art Center at Wesleyan University. He has completed residencies at Epicenter in Green River, Utah and the Vermont Studio Center where he was sponsored by the Nadine Goldsmith Fellowship Award. Following graduate school at Rutgers University he co-founded a printing concern called The Press which operates out of Brooklyn Army Terminal. Ali currently works as a visiting assistant professor at Wesleyan University where he teaches printmaking, graphic design, and typography courses.

Artist Statement

Ali Osborn is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. His work seeks to defamiliarize commonplace things to see them again for the first time. Through drawings, prints, books, and sculptures, he investigates how art can simultaneously flatten out a subject and bring it into sharper focus.

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6/5/20 to 8/28/20
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