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Allison Kallaway

Allison Kallaway

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Kalispell , MT

What was your life like as a  young adult? Maybe you were like me with a passport in your hand and a ticket to somewhere you've never been before. Your days of carefree travel may be over, but your wandering heart remains. You are still drawn to new experiences, new adventures and new cultures knowing there is still so much of the world left to discover. Maybe you're a mother and a wife and want to keep your connection to the stories you have gathered.
I am now, in the in-between. In between my adventurous traveling lives as a wife, artist, hockey mom and entrepreneur. The excitement of the journey still there, but the details have changed and this is the inspiration for my jewelry. It reminds me of an adventurous spirit that I now find it in everyday experiences.
Each piece of jewelry I create with my own hands. It is a piece of me and what I have collected on this life journey. This journey that connects us through it's joys and challenges and all the plain and simple ordinary moments in between. The stones and design elements assemble, like parts of a story, on a wild and crazy wandering.
Shop my collection to find pieces of beauty, simplicity, originality and power.
Let the beauty we love be what we do - Rumi

Metal / Jewelry

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11/1/19 to 11/29/19
Multiple Mediums

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