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Amythest Warrington

Amythest Warrington

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Lincoln , NE

Amythest Hultman Warrington is pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree in ceramics from the School of Art, Art History & Design. A native Iowan, she considers herself more a citizen of the world growing up in a mobile military family living in many states and foreign countries. In 2014 she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in ceramics with minors in art history and art from the University of Northern Iowa. While working on her Bachelor’s, Warrington studied abroad at the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in China through West Virginia University in 2011.

After receiving her Bachelors, Warrington was an artist-in-residence for three years and later the interim director of the Iowa Ceramics Center and Glass Studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She loved teaching the wide range of community members who walked through the doors but also the huge number of children the Mobile Clay Lab reached. If they couldn’t come to her, she went to them. For the last three summers, she taught a variety of clay and fabric classes for Grant Wood Area Education Agency’s College for Kids program.

Warrington is particularly interested in the therapeutic qualities of art. It is something she experienced personally during a traumatic period in her life and watched over and over again as she taught with the Mobile Clay Lab’s outreach program in the emergency youth shelters and the detention centers. Warrington really believes “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable,” as Dr. Cesar Cruz stated.


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Amythest Warrington
12/6/19 to 12/27/19
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