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Bernhard Cociancig

Bernhard Cociancig

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Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria

Born (1951) and raised in Graz (Austria), MSc graduation as Petroleum Engineer. Worked forty years in the international petroleum industry. During that time, performed outodidactic artwork. Formal art education at the Vienna School of Arts with graduation 2018 (print graphics, graphic design and painting). Since then, practice mainly print graphics with a focus on experimental and innovative technologies (e.g. Mokulito, Electro Etching), using non-hazardous, environmentally friendly (and renewable) materials. My motives aim to raise awareness for endangered animals, which are under the threat of extinction due to climate change, loss of habitat and poaching. Over the last three years, participation in a large number of national and international group and solo exhibitions. My works are held in private and museum collections in Europe and North America.

Artist Statement

During early phases of my artistic activity, I have performed autodidactic artwork - impressions gathered from many different countries in which I lived and worked. The formal art education at the Vienna Art School as a late and more recent experience has not only allowed trying out all forms of visual arts, but has in particular sparked my interest for more contemporary and novel art techniques such as installations in public spaces and digital media. Today, I would describe myself as a multi-disciplinary artist with a strong focus on print graphics.

I strive in my printmaking practice to focus on the use of environmentally friendly and renewable materials. A large part of my prints contain images of animals endangered by poaching, loss of habitat and climate change.

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