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Brittany Rea

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Rocheseter , NY

Brittany Rea is a multifaceted artist working in a number of materials with a focus in jewelry and ceramics. Originally from New Jersey but most recently from Rochester, NY, Brittany moved to New York in 2009 where she attended Pratt at Munson Williams-Proctor and finished her degree at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Here she graduated in May of 2014 with a BFA and a concentration in sculpture and ceramics and a minor in Art Education. Brittany has been a ceramics instructor to students of all ages in various art centers and public schools, has assisted many artists at View in Old Forge, New York, as well as Kala Stein at K Design Studio, and David Eichelberger at Haystack Mountain School of Craft, and held the position of artist in residence at Sonoma Ceramics at Sonoma Community Center in 2016. Brittany most recently was a resident at The Adorned Studios, located in Rochester's South Wedge above Second Chic Consignments, and has recently reunited with the Adorned Studios.

Using jewelry as the invitation, Brittany extends the deeper meaning behind her sculptural work to the wearer. A reminder to the adorned to allow inherent beauty to be known and shown. "Every time you handle this piece, tell yourself you are powerful, beautiful, and radiate love. Let it be the strength to help you move forward; the strength to hold on or let go. I have made each of these pieces by hand, with love, to share with you."

Artist Statement

Throughout our lives we make conscience decisions determining what we present to the world and what is kept to ourselves; my work is often a representation of that process. I find myself exploring new uses for materials while exposing the conceptual nature and hidden beauty within the simplicity of those materials. I work as a builder, painter, ceramist, and sculptor, and do not limit myself in my research.  The synopsis of my work in its totality is about reflection, sometimes quite literally, both within and without. It is my endeavor into self-reflection and understanding, acting also as an attempt to have others partake in the experience of personal-acknowledgement and investigation.


Metal / Jewelry
Mixed Media

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