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Cathie Crawford

Cathie Crawford

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Lincoln , NE
Artist Statement

Originally from New York City, Cathie returned to Illinois in the fall of 2004 after living overseas with her husband (three years in Jeddah Saudi Arabia and then three years in Grenoble France).  She has concentrated on the color reduction woodcut since completing her Master of Fine Art degree in 1987 from Bradley University in Peoria, IL.

Her work has been included in more than three hundred exhibitions, thirty solo exhibitions, over ninety juried national shows and twenty-five international juried exhibitions since completing a BFA from The Ohio State University.  Crawford has won fifty awards at both the national and regional level, seven since 2021.  Her prints have been exhibited in 29 states as well as Bulgaria, France, Poland, Saudi Arabia, and the UK. 


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6/21/24 to 8/31/24
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