Cathy Patterson

Cathy Patterson

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Lincoln , NE

I first became interested in art making before kindergarten. A neighbor girl drew a scotty dog, consisting of two rectangles with ears and a tail. I was impressed. She gave it to me, and I ran home to show it to my older sister, who spurned it, and told me that even I could do better. Her comment blossomed later, when I started taking art as an elective in Jr. High and then every semester through 12th grade. Later on I got my BFA at UNL in 1980.

Currently, I maintain a studio at the Mission Arts, where I work using watercolors, pastels, and oil on canvas. I have Open Studio on First Fridays. My work is abstract, or technically, nonobjective.

I was an artist member at Haydon Art Center from 2004 until they closed in 2011. I participated there in a Collaborative Show with Brad Krieger in July, 2007. I also showed in Haydon’s Juried Shows in 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2010. During overlapping years I was represented by the Chait Galleries in Iowa City, IA, from 2008 through summer of 2016, when the Chait closed. And then I was an artist member of Gallery 9 from 2012 through spring of 2016. While at Gallery 9 I was featured in a two person show with Carol H. DeVall in 2014, and again in 2015. I’ve exhibited locally at various other venues.


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