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Chanakarn Semachai (Punch)

Chanakarn Semachai (Punch)

Profile Location
Bangkok, Thailand

Chanakarn Semachai (Punch), was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, and is currently an instructor of ceramics at Chulalongkorn Universityin Bangkok. Punch graduated in 2012 with her Bachelor in Fine and Applied Art Degree from Chulalongkorn University located in the heart of Bangkok City, the capital of Thailand. She thenearned her MFA from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in 2019.

Punch  started off as a sculptor, however began exploring functional wares that discuss similar ideas and designs as her sculptural surfaces. She combines a multitude of unique and exciting design elements on both her sculptures and functional vessels, creating a cohesive body of work. She has shown her work internationally, both in Thailand and in the United States. Her work was published in Ceramics Monthly’s Drink Up!2018 September Issue. She was awarded a first place through the Jensen Art center's 6th Annual Cup Show, 3rd place and purchase award from James may Gallery in The Working Pots III exhibition in 2018. Recently, she won The Juror Choice’s Award through Companion Gallery. Punch was included on C File’s Holiday pop-up sale in 2017. At NCECA 2019, Punch's work was on view at the NCECA Juried Student show, Companion Gallery exhibition, Sea roots exhibition curated by Soe Yu Nwe and You’ve been served, and a cup show put on by Clay Art Vagas.

​Before Punch went to graduate school, she had a career as a ceramic design lecturer at Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Chulalongkorn University. After teaching for a year, the University encouraged her to pursue her masters degree in the hopes of her returning at completion and continuing to teach and develop the ceramics program at the university and help build a stronger ceramics community in Thailand.

Artist Statement

Clay keeps me calm and excited at the same time. Ceramic is a medium that I use to
express my perception of our twisted world. I am inspired by everything I encounter whether I am
aware of it or not. Humor and weirdness are always finding their way into my ceramic sculptures.
I enjoy every stage of the hand building process because I want to feel every part of it, ensuring that I give life to my pieces.

My role as an explorer was initiated when I was a child and my doodles were treated as
treasures. I recently moved from Thailand to pursue my Master of Fine Arts degree and have
unavoidably been immersed in an entirely new culture. I have faced new and unforgettable
experiences which have changed my life and the way I make art. Living in a totally unfamiliar
world, with lasting impressions, has affected my work. In the beginning, I found that I was slowly
and unconsciously changing into a new person and trying hard to blend into a new society and
culture. After a period of time, I shifted back to myself, although a new, better version of myself. I realized that people from all around the world share similar feelings and you don't need to fit in to be happy. Everybody is unique and that is what makes people special as individuals.

I aim to create sculpture and functional ware that encourages people to be unique, special
and themselves, just like a lucky penny. I want to make ceramic art that brightens people’s lives
and make them feel special in their everyday routines. I leave pinching marks and asymmetries on
my sculpture and pottery as I cherish the imperfection on the surface.



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