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Chanakarn Semachai (Punch)

Chanakarn Semachai (Punch)

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Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok-born and raised, Chanakarn Semachai (Punch) is a ceramic artist and educator. Chanakarn graduated with her Bachelor in Fine and Applied Arts Degree in 2012 from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, USA. Chanakarn Semachai has a background as a sculptor, but in her work, she explores the possibilities of functional wares that have similar ideas and designs as her sculptures. She focuses on identity and multiculturalism in her work. Semachai is interested in creating color filters by layering colored plexiglass over clay. Her work has been shown internationally, including in Thailand, Taiwan,Germany, and the United States. Since 2020, She has been working on organizing the virtual makers market with the Ceramics Congress, the largest international online ceramic conference. Recently, she awarded 2022 NCECA Emerging Artist and in the same year she earned Emerging Artist Award through The Ceramics Monthly. She is currently a faculty member at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand, where she teaches full-time creative ceramics.


Artist Statement

My role as an explorer was initiated when I was a child, and my doodles were treated as treasures. I moved from Thailand to pursue my Master of Fine Arts degree and have unavoidably been immersed in an entirely new culture. I have faced new and unforgettable experiences which have changed my life and the way I make art. Living in a totally unfamiliar world has had lasting impressions, and has affected my work. In the beginning, I found that I was slowly and unconsciously changing into a new person and trying hard to blend into the new society and culture. Eventually, I shifted back to myself, although a new, better version of myself. I realized that people from all around the world share similar feelings and you don't need to fit in to be happy.


            I came across a story of a man who went to jail before social media took over our world and changed how we live and interact with other human beings.  The first day he earned his freedom back, he was walking around and noticed that people had little things on their ears and were talking to themselves. Tons of people were staring at their big phones, and no one was reading newspapers or books in a subway anymore.  He had so many new things to learn and keep up with. He felt out of place, like he didn’t know the world anymore. From that story, it got me thinking; what if dinosaurs came back to live in this present world?  How would they feel?  They were here first, a long time ago.  They died, and we took over, slowly changing their world. They would probably try so hard to fit in and try to live the life that suits this modern world. Yet, they will stand out anyway because they are dinosaurs.


            Sometimes when I go to new places or surround myself with a new environment, I feel like I’m a dinosaur.  I think people will see that I do not belong.  I think about these things a lot, and then I realized that it’s just an insecurity and it is completely normal to have them.   We should embrace our differences and find ways to live with it. I would like to send a message through my art that encourages people to accept that everybody is unique and that is what makes people special as individuals.


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11/5/21 to 12/24/21
Multiple Mediums
Chanakarn Semachai (Punch)
8/2/24 to 9/28/24

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