Chandler Brutscher

Chandler Brutscher

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Cuyahoga Falls , OH

A print-based artist living in Northeast Ohio, Chandler Brutscher started her artistic career in her hometown of Salem, Oregon. She received her BA in Studio Art at George Fox University outside of Portland, OR, and completed her MFA at Kent State University in Kent, OH. Her work has been exhibited within her immediate communities and nationally, and resides in permanent collections across the US.

Artist Statement

I am a record-keeper of objects destined to be disposed. Whether utilitarian or sentimental, I document a moment of these objects’ lives in either literal or abstracted ways. By recording disposable objects with archival tools, I reflect on my personal interaction and consumption of resources, and ask questions about material value.

Through a variety of print media such as silkscreen, lithography, intaglio, and relief printing, I maintain my records in the form of prints, books, collages, soft sculptures, or installations. Whether printing the physical object, itself, exposing it onto a screen, imprinting its texture on stone, or simulating its form and shape in space, it is the unique mark and shape of objects that I strive to document, and I use printmaking to mediate the mark.

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6/3/22 to 8/5/22
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