Conner McKissack

Conner McKissack

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Atlanta , GA

Design and contemporary culture inform my work as a functional potter. The pots are created with consideration of everyday behavior, and a respect for traditional vessels. Working with multiples, to create groupings, allows me to engage the viewer within an intimate setting to invite sensory contact. Displaying the work in this format also forces me to consider the arrangement or the organization of these items.

The pieces are intimate in scale, and address the tactility of the material through form.  The works are softly colored and pleasing when held in one’s hand. The pottery starts with drawing. Forms are then constructed by combining hand-built and wheel-thrown elements. I enhance the softness and implicit tactility by working with wet clay, preserving the plasticity and capturing the idea of fluidity. This sensitivity to the materials  makes the objects seem friendly and approachable and easy to use.

My pottery maintains economy in design and does not require in-depth analysis but inspires an emotional connection.



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