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David Sukovaty

David Sukovaty

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Lincoln , NE

From a very early age David Sukovaty was recognized for his artistic abilities. Early inspiration from Walt Disney’s Pinocchio, Walter Lantz’s Woody Woodpecker and
Warner Brothers cartoons (most notably Chuck Jones) he began with drawing cartoons.

By the time the 60’s were in full swing, David like many, was swept up in the artistic revolution of the BEATLES and inspired to do poster and album art. He had a light show, produced a Rock Festival and publicity for UNL’s production of Tommy, all by the time he was 16. The latter earned him a personal endorsement from John Entwhistle, also Eric Clapton for Davis’s poster Blindfaith. 

At 18 his portfolio took five surrounding states and a national graphics award. He became an exchange student to West Berlin and became the American representative for the Berlin Philharmonic under Herbert Von Karajan. He returned to the United States and his work was selected by New York gallery owner Ivan Karp (Andy Warhol) for a Nebraska Wesleyan juried show. A lithograph of his work was purchased by Jack Nicholson. 

David’s live photography was included in Robin Trower’s 20th Century Blues CD.  During this time, he was asked to video tape Muddy Water’s guitarist, Jimmy Rogers at the Zoo Bar. This brought him into contact with Buddy Miles, Chris Duarte, E.C. Scott, Willie (Big Eyes) Smith, Jimmy D. Lane, Teddy Lee Hooker and Keri Lee and the Blue Devils.  Her Arrival CD features Davis’s photography.

Film he shot is included in the documentary The MC5: a True Testimonial, and his influence can be felt on Lennon Legend through an unreleased video of Watching the Wheels. Lately his work was seen in the form of a movie poster at the New York International Film Festival for the documentary, Shooting Henry Hill, the real life figure played by Ray Liotta in Martin Scorseses’s Good Fellas.


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