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Debra Larson Designs

Debra Larson Designs

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Lincoln , NE

An avid collector of semi-precious stones, Larson studied lapidary artistry through the Lincoln Gem and Mineral Club. For silver/gold smithing she has studied for over ten years through the Lux Center for the Arts, Charles Yost; the Jewelry Connection, Jayne Beer and Judith Bay; David Smith Jewelry Ltd, David Smith; and the Goldsmith Silversmith Jewelry Store, Omaha, Dwayne Ferguson.

Originally from Illinois, Larson lives in Branson, and has a home/studio in Lincoln. She is married with two kids and Copper, a yellow Lab.

Artist Statement

Inspired by a third-generation Southwestern lapidary artist/silversmith, Larson creates stunning, wearable art with gorgeous natural stones and silver. The stones she uses are unique due to the thoughtful way she cuts and shapes the stones and silver. She loves the energy in the work and the people she meets. She hopes you find something from her collection to add to yours.

Metal / Jewelry

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