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Emily Mulvaney

Emily Mulvaney

Teaching Artist
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Lincoln , NE

Emily Mulvaney is currently working towards her BFA with an emphasis in ceramics at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln and is in her final year.  Coming from a military family, Emily was able to experience a variety of different states, countries, and cultures around the world during travels with my family.  These travels exposed her to an assortment of varying people and art, sparking her creative inspiration.  As a female artist, Emily has become well acquainted with how women are depicted in art, in particular through the male gaze.  In her work, Emily focuses on feminine topics and imagery to create both figurative sculptures and ceramic paintings as seen through the lens of the female gaze.  Although clay is Emily’s chosen medium because of its permanence and ability to withstand the test of time, she is not shy to branching out into the use of other mediums to capture her artist’s vision.


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