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Eric Rewitzer

Eric Rewitzer

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San Francisco , CA

As a printmaker, Eric Rewitzer employs a number of different skills, adding carving and printing to more familiar disciplines of drawing, composition, and color. Combining this discipline with inspirations from the modern day – urban life, activism, and the citizen's attachment to the natural world – has been the foundation of Eric's artistic 
exploration for years.  The resulting prints incorporate advertising, elements of popular culture, as well as scenes of interplay between natural and urban landscapes.

Rewitzer is co-founder of 3 Fish Studios in San Francisco, which has been warmly welcomed into the the community by cultivating authentic access to art.

Artist Statement

For this series of prints, I wanted to challenge myself creatively. In June of 2019, I traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska to take a workshop in the studio of printmaker Karen Kunc, who taught me her unique technique of two block, double reduction woodcuts. Also in 2019, my wife and I purchased some property in Amador County in the Sierra Foothills of California. The result is this series, called Amador Flow, which is is inspired by the Cosumnes River, which defines the northern edge of our new property. Running water has beautifully carved away the granite into organic, sensual shapes over the millennia. Each print is 7 colors, and is printed on a 12"x16" sheet of Nishinoichi paper. The palette is driven by water, sky, gold and the joy of being in nature.

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6/5/20 to 8/28/20
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