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Erin Ryan

Erin Ryan

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Erin Ryan was born and raised in southern California. She has been working in clay for over 10 years and continues to be inspired by the medium each time she works in the studio. Erin received her BFA in Ceramics and BSED in Art Education from Northern Arizona University in 2015. Currently, she is an MFA candidate at Indiana University. You can follow Erin on Instagram @erinryanceramics,  like her Facebook page Erin Ryan Ceramics, or follow her on Pinterest. 

Artist Statement

As I work in clay, there is a never-ending desire to continue to learn and be inspired through ceramics. Every day, patterns, forms, and colors inspire me to translate new ideas into my pieces. Inspirations for my work are endless, and I often look at textiles, papers, and graphic patterns for new ideas.

My intention is to spark an interest in the user and inspire a connection. The elaborate surface designs intrigue the viewer, prompting them to look, touch, and form a connection with my work. The more I experiment, the more I discover, leading me to new surfaces and forms.

Each piece is created using a midrange porcelain clay. When carving the patterning, I apply mishima inlay and colorful underglazes to create a variety of decoration. The patterning is never repeated, giving every mug, bowl, and plate a unique voice, speaking to a larger audience.  The color palette that I use is bright and cheerful - intended to excite and bring joy to those who experience my work.


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