Hunter Bryan

Hunter Bryan

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Vermillion , SD

Hunter Bryan was born in Sioux City, Iowa, on February 18, 1998, and grew up in Moville, Iowa. He will graduate from the University of South Dakota in 2020 where he will receive his BFA in Printmaking. Bryan’s current work, while went seemingly unnoticed, directly correlates to his previous experience working as a grocer throughout high school and now in college.

Growing up in a small rural town, Bryan was exposed to art through family members and the school district. It wasn’t until college that he created his first etching and sparked his fascination for the world of printmaking.

Artist Statement

As a grocery store employee, I encounter many different types of packing materials. Some of these are often flats from packs of soup cans and vegetables. This body of work entitled “Corrugation”, takes the refuse and cardboard from grocery store packaging and turns them into unique monotypes. This series correlates to my other body of work, “Detritus of Consumers,” which takes plastic bags and turns those into monotypes as well.

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6/3/22 to 8/5/22
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