Jager Palad

Jager Palad

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Coralville , IA

Jager Palad was born in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in South Florida. He received his Bachelor's of Fine Art from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL specializing in Drawing and Printmaking, and is currently a candidate for his Masters of Fine Art from the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, IA specializing in Printmaking.

Artist Statement

My process comes from the experience I've gained through mechanical jobs: bicycle building and repair, technician for department stores, and construction. Seeing this bottom-up view of capitalism gave me insight into the vast amount of waste resulting from these systems of production and consumption.

My experience has shown me things are rarely fixed, often replaced, resulting in piles of waste. The piles are an opportunity for these materials to show their aesthetic in a conceptual way, through ideas of excess, function, chance and reincarnation.

Using salvaged media, I scavenge and use a collage process of waste built around my own pattern recognition in response to the source material. The work is formed as a constellation of gesture and image as I search for a unified whole through serendipity.

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6/3/22 to 8/5/22
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