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Kayla Linden

Kayla Linden

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Lincoln , NE
Artist Statement

I explore “living” spaces, both figuratively and literally, and seek to invert human-to-object relationships.  The inanimate becomes animated, imbued with a cheeky, seductive, yet ominous identity.  The living objects represent feminine beings and display feminine characteristics like sensitivity and delicacy, yet also appear confident and in control, demanding dominance.

Interested in both contemporary materials and trends as well as timeless, vintage objects, I displace my work in time.  Fascinated by traditional still lives, I am an arranger.  I analyze, amalgamate, and curate installations of familiar forms and ubiquitous domestic objects that, rather than simply existing within the space, become personified and control the space.

While my work is primarily ceramic, I integrate other media and materials, like drawing, wood, textiles, and various domestic objects, such as candles, flowers, and makeup.  The contrast between the solid, permanent ceramic surfaces and the soft, plush fabrics or the transitory found objects is important to me.  I’m attracted to materials like feathers, glitter, and gems for their gaudiness, silliness, and theatric qualities. With this combination of traditional and whimsical materials, I create an ultra-feminine, over-the-top, ephemeral aesthetic that is evocative and unnerving.



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