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Lynette Fast

Lynette Fast

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Lincoln , NE

Teaching Preschoolers to adults for over 25 years has brought Lynette a breath of insight about creating art and the art of teaching visual arts.  Jewelry making, metalsmithing, painting, drawing, sculpture, and pottery are Lynette’s preferred mediums.

Exhibiting regionally, Lynette presently has work in three galleries and has shown her work in many galleries and exhibits throughout Nebraska over the past 15 years.  Lynette’s community involvement includes teaching private art lessons at home and visual art for Lincoln Public Schools, teaching art classes in many venues, selling work online, serving on the board of the Nebraska Art Teachers Association, LUX Center for the Arts Education Committee, and in the past was curriculum facilitator for Sheldon Museum of Art Statewide Exhibit, MONA’s Permanent Collection Curriculum Development, and teacher of Bright Lights Learning Enrichment Program.

Lynette has received several honors including the NATA Art Teacher of the Year in 2003, NATA Middle School Art Teacher of the Year in 2000, Award of Merit from the American Architecture Foundation in 2005, and LPS Gold Star Award in 2002.


Artist Statement

It’s good others like to decorate themselves and I like to do the decorating.  I try to make my jewelry comfortable with the wearer in mind, but when I design it’s more about the art first.  My practical side tells me to design what people can wear everyday.  The artist side says who cares, be creative, and make a statement and that is where I like to work.  You can tell a difference in those two sides when you look at my work.

Making the same design over and over doesn’t work for me.  After a few pieces with a similar design, I become agitated.  My mind is always exploring options.  I’m particularly captivated by eclectic spaces because they are personal and insightful.  People’s spaces, homes, and gardens reflect who they are and how they function.  People and nature bring story to me.  I prefer to create one of a kind pieces because once it’s discovered I feel I’ve matched a piece of art to its rightful owner.  I love beads, color, textures, natural objects, teaching, and creating. I cannot seem to finish a master’s degree because I don’t have a place to start. I am a lifelong learner. I love to attend events where I can be around artists all the time. As an artist and teacher everyday is awesome because I get to create and ignite how to be an artist in others.


Metal / Jewelry

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Scribble Small Flower Ring

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

Flower Ring

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

Scribble Flower Necklace

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

Scribble Flower Ring Large

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

Monoprint Greeting Cards

Print / Paper
Lynette Fast

Scribble Ring

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

Purple Amethyst Necklace

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

Felt Bead Triangle Pendant

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

Stacking Ring

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

Felt Beaded Pendant Necklace

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

Fused Silver Earrings

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

Fused Silver Earring ll

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

Scribble Flower Earrings

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

Layered Ring

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

Half Dome Ring

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

Scribble Rings

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast


Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

Fused Copper Earring

Metal / Jewelry
Lynette Fast

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11/6/20 to 12/30/20
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