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Lynita Shimizu

Lynita Shimizu

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Lincoln , NE
Artist Statement

The division of space and abstract qualities of traditional Japanese woodcuts attract me. When planning my prints, I work to simplify what I’m seeing or feeling. To move from the inspiration of the sketch to the mechanics of the print requires thoughtful organization of color and space. The image is broken apart; different colors are carved from separate blocks of wood. Only after just the right amount of pigment, water, and rice starch have been brushed across the wood, and the layers of color have been pressed into the paper, does the image come together again. Every time the paper is lifted from the final block, it feels like magic. 
Although my subject matter varies, my goal remains to create images with strength, spirit, and clarity. In a world of challenges, the process of creating a woodblock print provides a peaceful and safe haven. I am so grateful to be a woodblock printmaker and hope some of the joy it brings me, touches others.


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6/21/24 to 8/31/24
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