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Mary Koziol

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My artistic training began as a student of nature on the Great Plains. Growing up in a rural setting, the diverse animal and plant life around me made a profound and lasting impression. I felt endlessly inspired by the vast landscape and how it could be permanently affected by powerful weather patterns. I sketched, I painted, I created dolls and weavings from the grasses around me. My desire to create lasted throughout my childhood into adulthood; a college degree in interior design added appreciation for composition, color, and how people are directly affected by their surroundings.

I strive to create expressions that balance the wild and random beauty of nature with a structured composition and deliberate color palette. Each fresh canvas or panel is an invitation to examine the relationships between our natural world and the organized, sometimes chaotic society that we live in. Through my work, I find a way to visually organize what I experience in my surroundings and see in my imagination. Recently, through “The Flames and the Flood” series, I have been moved to explore the tragic loss of agricultural land and homes that came with the flooding that occurred across our state recently. While reflecting loss, they also celebrate the beauty of our human connection to the earth.

My work is done in layers. Most pieces will receive many applications of color and mediums that bring depth, texture, and complexity. Each layer is carefully planned to ensure the finished product is rich with effects pulled through from each step of the process.


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