Nina Jordan

Nina Jordan

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Brooklyn , NY

Nina Jordan is a printmaker living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She began her work in reduction block printmaking 20 years ago. She is the recipient of a NYFA fellowship in Printmaking and Artists’ Books.

Artist Statement

I started working in woodcut while doing a gut rehab. Making use of wood scraps from the dumpster, I constructed images out of multiple blocks and layers. My work in woodcut, having originated from materials used in building myself a living space, has evolved partly to focus on images homes and houses.

My most recent series, “Homes for Under 50K,” “Bank Owned,” and “ who lives here” employ images from real estate ads. They are portraits of houses, alluring yet melancholy. In the series, “who lives here” I’ve been examining what it means to inhabit a place. What does it mean to belong to a habitat? In some of the prints, I have been placing portraits of animals, displaced and brought to the brink of extinction in front of bank owned real estate.

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6/3/22 to 8/5/22
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