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Patricia Davis

Patricia Davis

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Lincoln , NE

Patricia Davis grew up on the Gulf Coast of Alabama in Bon Secour and is an artist, educator, and curator with an active studio practice in Lincoln, Nebraska. She works for the School of Art, Art History & Design as the director of the Eisentrager-Howard Gallery and is a lecturer for beginning drawing and gallery management courses. She received an MFA in studio art from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2016 and holds a BFA in printmaking and sculpture from The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa where she was a Ronald E. McNair Scholar and a Windgate Fellow. She has exhibited work nationally and internationally and was an artist in residence at Cedar Point Biological Station in Ogallala, NE.

Artist Statement

In my artistic practice I explore a variety of media including drawing, painting, printmaking, and installation.
At the core is an obsession with the concept of a body as a container—a shell, a membrane, an opening, a moment, an echo. I often gravitate towards abstracted imagery of mouths, wounds, growths, pairs, bivalves, structures and systems. Text and imagery often conflate within my work resulting in forms and marks that are bending, looping, stretching, floating away, separating, oozing, joining, and colonizing or isolated. Text could be hidden, subtle or obvious—offering hints at meaning or distracting the viewer from hidden content.

My process involves creating many things at once so I can bounce around ideas from work to work. At any given time, I might be working on one or two to large-scale drawings and a dozen smaller things – recycling my own imagery, colors, textures, and marks along the way until they feel finished. I enjoy playing on paper more than any other surface. The density and deckle of handmade papers. The ability to emboss, scrape and press into the surface. The way liquids permeate the fibers and spread around. Its ability to hold layer after layer of pigments and powder. Comparable to the body, I find paper to be intriguing and malleable, and I draw inspiration from that relationship as well.


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