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Patty Talbert

Patty Talbert

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Omaha , NE

Patty Talbert earned her BFA in Studio Art at UNO in 2001 and completed her summer training with MacArthur Award winner Debra Willis at the prestigious Smithsonian African American Museum of History and Culture. She also trained under the watchful eye of the talented late Dawn Scott. These techniques are the foundation and inspiration for her more than three dozen group and solo exhibitions. Her honors include Visual Arts nominee for emerging artist at OEAA, as well as features on Omaha's WOWT for her North Omaha Positive Affirmation Project, and a guest feature on Heartland Focus. Patty's North Omaha Positive Affirmation Project has been a continuous project of love for herself and our community.

Patty's work is inspired by techniques used in Batiking. When the elements of Batiking are translated onto canvas or wood, there is a building up of different colors, patterns and textures. The relationship between these three elements creates a unique harmony within the elements of each design. Through the years, Patty's art work has changed and evolved, but it has also given her a sense of purpose and a vehicle to express her feelings and desires. Patty's style of painting has allowed her to encompass methods of expression utilized by her ancestors and also adds a modern relevance to her growth as a proud African American Female Artist.


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11/6/20 to 12/30/20
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