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Paul Coldwell

Paul Coldwell

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Paul Coldwell is a Professor of Fine Art at the University of the Arts, London.
An artist and researcher, his practice includes prints, book works, sculptures and installations, focusing on themes of journey, absence and loss.
He has exhibited widely both in UK and abroad, with his work held in numerous public collections including: the Tate, Victoria & Albert Museum, the British Museum, Arts Council of England, New York Public Library and MoMA.

Artist Statement

These prints can be seen as contemporary interpretations of still life. They begin as constructions or models in the studio which, having been photographed, are then taken into the computer and subjected to manipulation and layering. My intention is to reduce the visual clues for the viewer and present a surface structure that acts as a screen through which the image must be re-imagined. Each digital layer is used to make a physical laser-cut woodblock which are then then proofed and printed as relief prints. In some of the prints I have added drawn elements to cut through the surface of the image to bring an added awareness of the structure of the surface. Through the exaggerated use of half tone, I want the prints to have an unsettling effect and to invite the viewer to piece together the image as well as being acutely aware of the abstract elements that constitute the print. I would also hope that these prints comment of the differing languages of photography, print and drawing.


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