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Shawn Dunwoody

Shawn Dunwoody

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Rochester , NY

DUNWOODĒ “duhn-woo-dee” Visual Consulting is an multi-award winning design-based strategic art team, that takes a creative approach to brand enhancement for organizations in the public and private realm: Innovate, Inspire, and Implement original concepts and bring them to life. DUNWOODĒ identifies visual thinking as a vital art for developing new ideas and communicating those effectively through design services, products, events, spaces, special initiatives, and interactive experiences.

Artist Statement

I consider myself a multi-disciplinary creative force for change. My experience as a Director, Producer, Designer, Maker, Influencer, Developer, and Artist give me the opportunity to establish cutting edge, creative design in a variety of forms.

My practice in creative implementation and innovative planning focuses on urban interventions and community forms of urban development.

I believe in contextual knowledge, an original approach, and imagination as the basis for crafting new forms of appropriation of space, common producing, and creative development.

In everything I do I bring a “stay creative” thinking to the table and aim to integrate the needs of the people, the possibilities of technology, and the genius of great experiences. I understand that creativity inspires and plays on our curiosity. This inspiration makes people want to hear more, learn more, and engage more. 


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9/3/21 to 10/29/21
Multiple Mediums

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