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Valery Wachter

Valery Wachter

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Lincoln , NE

Valery Wachter is a full time professional artist and is represented by the Burkholder Project in Lincoln. Her paintings are in private collections nationally. She has had many one-person shows. Valery is a graduate of the University of Lincoln Nebraska with a BFA in Art and has studied at the Scottsdale School of Art. She is currently serving on the boards of the Hixson-LIED College of Fine and Performing Arts Alumni Board and the Bryan Health Art Committee.

Artist Statement

My painting style is a form of photo-realism. I use photos as a reference and for the starting point, but as Julian Barnes said, ‘Truth to life, at the start to be sure; yet once the progress gets under way, truth to art is the greater allegiance.’ I spend a great deal of time composing and lighting my compositions. I paint in a high key because I love color. To me color is life, joy and speaks a universal language.


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