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Corporate/Team Building Events

Corporate/Team Building Events

Bring your team together through a creative art making workshop! Workshops last two hours and cost $250 for a maximum of 10 participants (8 for pottery wheel.) Our artists provide all the instruction, materials, and cleanup. Gratuity not included.


Workshops can happen anytime our studios are not in use for classes. Weekday daytime/evening hours are generally open. Our studios are frequently used from 10am-4pm on Saturdays, but it varies from month to month based on which classes are running.

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Clay - Create and glaze your own handbuilt clay object! Popular projects include hand-built cups, bowls and mugs.

Learn to throw on the Pottery wheel. For these workshops there is a maximum of 8 people, and participants are expected to assist with some cleanup. 

Hand-built clay projects will be painted during the event, projects made on the pottery wheel will be dipped in a clear-glaze by our instructors after the event as they are too wet to decorate when they come off the wheel. All clay projects will be fired and available for pick-up approximately two weeks after the event.

Fused Glass - Make colorful glass art! Popular projects include: sun catchers, jewelry, and coasters. Participants work with colorful glass to cut, layer, and glue together their own piece. All glass projects will be fired and available for pick-up one to two weeks after the party.

Painting - Get creative with watercolors, tempera, or acrylic paints! One 12″x12″ canvas is provided for each participant. Students can each paint their own idea with the aid of our artist or paint their own version of a pre-determined design. 


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