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Kiln Firing Request Form

Kiln Firing Request Form

Please Read:

  • Forms must be submitteed 2 weeks prior to your desired firing date. 
  • Exact dates are not guaranteed. 
  • Kiln rentals are only available once all Ceramics Center needs have been met. 
  • LUX staff will load, fire, and unload the work unless the individual has been approved. 

  • Firing schedule is at the discretion of LUX staff.

  • Work for glaze firing must be appropriately wiped on the bottom and up the sidewall at least 3/16".

  • LUX staff reserves the right to deny work for firing, unload kilns, abort or cancel firings.

  • LUX does not store fired work for more than 30 days.

  • LUX is not responsible for any loss or damage of work, tools, materials, or belongings at LUX.

  • Please bring home any boxes / packing materials used to transport work to the LUX as we do not have the storage space. 

Kiln meetings are held on Weekly, you can expect to hear a response or confirmation within one week.

Once a kiln firing is approved and scheduled, you will be sent an invoice via LUX Shopify that is due before bringing work to LUX.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to the Ceramics Center Manager, Neil Celani ( 

Kilns are Loaded and Fired by LUX Staff Only

  • Low Fire (^04 - ^3)                      Mid-Range Fire (^5 / 6)
    • Large Kiln $80                         $100
    • Medium Kiln $60                      $80
    • Small Kiln $40                          $60
    • Test Kiln $15                            $20
Please describe in cone or Fahrenheit temperatures. Materials used may need to be verified by LUX staff before firing. Cone 6 not available in all kilns.
By submitting this form you agree to be held responsible should your work damage LUX kilns or equipment.
Please let us know if there is anything specific we need to know about your firing preferences.
Please type your name to acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of requesting a kiln firing.

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