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Youth Scholarship Application

Youth Scholarship Application

We are currently offering 75% discounts for scholarship recepients. 

Scholarship students are eligible for a maximum of one, 4-week long Saturday art class at a time OR one summer camp per month. Camp care is not included and would need to be paid for in a separate transaction.

This application will ask you to include which class or camp your child would like to take, so please browse our Programs Page for a full list. Please email for more information.

Please type 2-3 classes each applicant would like to take. We will do our best to get your student into their first choice. Please include start date and title of class. Example: March 12 Youth Pottery Wheel
Scholarship Process
Parents/guardians will be informed about your child's scholarship acceptance within a few business days. Once accepted, LUX Staff will contact you with information about how to enroll your child in classes. Scholarship discount is valid for one year.

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